233 Series Box Blades
Box Blades

The 233 Series box Blades are designed for rugged use by homeowners, landscapers, and farmers. They feature a heavy, all welded A-frame and is CAT. I Quick Hitch compatible. The shank beam is 4” x 4 and holds heat treated shanks with replaceable points.

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25-50 HP Series 233-H-BB
Hinged Back Box Blades

Taylor Pittsburgh’s 233 SERIES HINGED BACK BOX BLADE has the same features as the standard box blade. In addition the rear cutting edge is hinged to allow deeper penetration and to eliminate the buildup of soil between the cutting edges. The end plates are ⅜" and the bracing front to back is ½".

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17-40 HP Series 233-DS
Reversible Dirt Scoop

Taylor Pittsburgh’s REVERSIBLE DIRT SCOOP features a uniquely designed heavy duty angle iron frame. The reversible mounting allows you to attach your tractor to the front or rear of the scoop, enabling it to work forward as a slip scraper or in reverse as a shovel. The cutting edge is beveled.


35-60 HP Series 233-DEG
Dual Edge Land Grader

Taylor Pittsburgh’s DUAL EDGE LAND GRADERS are the perfect tool for the driveway and gravel road maintenance and construction. They fill potholes and low spots to redistribute material to achieve the perfect roadway surface. The heavy duty frame is built with 3” x 3” tubing and the cutting edges are reversible. The ½” wear pads are replaceable.

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35-60 HP Series 233-KP-L

Taylor Pittsburgh’s 3-pt CULTIPACKER is the ideal tool for pressing grass, clover, or alfalfa seed into the seedbed, to produce optimal soil-to-seed contact and achieve a desirable stand. It can also be used to break up dirt clods prior to planting, seeding, or fertilizing. The Cat I, 3-pt quick hitch compatible hitch, integrated parking stands, and builtin weight box make this a great tool for any homeowner or landscape professional.

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17-50 HP Series 233 YR-G
Landscape Rake

Taylor Pittsburgh's 233 Series Landscape Rakes are engineered for versatility by having 5 forward and 5 reverse angle settings. The 233 Series Landscape Rake features a uniquely designed, adjustable stabilizer bar that allows the ”5/16 x 1” heat treated spring steel tines to be more or less rigid by raising or lowering the stabilizer bar.

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